White Box


Choreographed and Conceived by Noémie Lafrance

Jennifer Carlson, Sarah Donnelly, Monica Dreidemie, Elle Erdman, Shandoah Goldman, Heather Hammond, Mare Hieronimus, Dages Keates, Adi Or Kfir, Teresa Kochis, Natalie Kuhn, Camille Litalien, Emma Lovewell, Omar Nasir, Julie Nelson, Sam Petersson, Zoe Schieber, Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, David Sutcliffe, Fabio A. Tavares DaSilva, Tiffany Watson, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Sarah Wollschlager.

Performance: ‘The White Box Project’
Saturday, Sept. 10, 17 & 24 @ 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm
EXTENDED: Sunday, Sept. 25 @ 6:30 & 7:30pm

Each performance was followed by a creative discussion with the artists to further define the choreography, which has mutated over the course of the 3 weeks based on audience feedback.

Black & White Gallery
483 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211

Subway L to Bedford Ave.
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Other Events
Gallery Opening: ‘White Box’ performance Teaser
Friday, Sept. 9 @ 7:00-9:00pm (free)

Screening: Selected Dance Films by Noémie Lafrance
Saturday, Sept. 10, 17 & 24th @ 8:00pm (free)



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> Brooklyn Based 10/20/11
> The Dance Enthusiast 9/24/11
> The Art Observed 9/23/11
> The Village Voice 9/21/11
> Art Critical 9/21/11
> The New Yorker 9/19/11
> Brooklyn Daily Eagle 9/15/11
> New York Times 9/12/11
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Video Interview

> AFP TV: Interview with Marine Pradel 9/17/11
Dance Magazine: Interview by Wendy Perron 9/06/11



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Staged within the confines of the gallery’s ‘white walls’, the minimalist dance performance challenges the implied separation between the art object and its viewing subject.  Bringing the viewer to an awareness of being while watching, this participatory performance contemplates transforming the act of viewing art into the artwork itself.  The White Box Project is an evolutionary work renewing itself through the interplay of the immediate audience and their afterthoughts: each performance will culminate in a conversation between the audience and artists to further shape the choreography, poised to evolve and mutate over the course of the three weeks.

Coherence of movement, sounds and actions erupts unexpectedly from within the crowd, slowly carving space through mingling bodies and sketching a perceivable performer/spectator relationship.  Inspired by the flavors of trendy flash mobs, this innovative work takes it to the next level by engaging the audience to participate in subversive and subliminal ways; dozens of dancers gradually join in to fill the space with sweeps of pedestrian movements, vocalizations and spatial arrangements that reverses the roles of who is watching and who is performing.  Teased with sensations of being watched, escape or surrender bounces in your head as you navigate a playful moving maze surrounding you.


The White Box Project BLOG

In connection with The White Box Project performances by Noémie Lafrance taking place in September 2011 at the Black & White Gallery, this blog was developed as a platform for audiences, artists and writers to exchange creative ideas generated by participatory work and feedback from the audience. The blog will feature critical views, reactions, essays and writings by Susan Rosenberg, Beth Weinstein, Megan V. Nicely and other contributors, as well as transcripts of the creative conversations.

> Visit the blog at www.thewhiteboxproject.blogspot.com

AFP TV: Interview 9/17/11
Dance Magazine: Interview 9/06/11
RDV d'Amérique: : Interview 9/11
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