CFA Participation Details

To participate in Choreography for Audience - Take One, you do not need any experience in dance or other particular skills. All of the instructions involve simple maneuvers and movements such as walking, standing still, or arm gestures. You will be assigned to a team and will receive an email with all of your team’s specific instructions.

The instructions are simple so that when followed by the various teams simultaneously they create intersting choreographic formations. The goal of the game is to use group efforts, collaborating and competing with other teams to achieve aesthetic value of a variety of complexity levels.

For example as a participant you could be instructed to walk a certain number of squares on a grid and then make a left turn. Repeat this action until you encounter another player in which case IF that player is on your team you would turn right or IF that player is on the opposite team you would turn left.

The Box Office is Closed.
No Tickets will be sold at the door.

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Ticket buyers will receive game instructions via email two weeks prior to the event. The instructions are fairly simple with graphic representations and videos, but will require that you review them carefully.

This is a one-time event that will be filmed and there are no spectators on site, all audience members are participants, and all ticket buyers must consent to being filmed and agree to the terms of participation below. Participants will have access to the film after it is edited.

If you would like to become more familiar with the game before participating and/or would like a be a Team Leader you can register for
> Team Leaders Training Sessions

Terms of Participation

Film and Photography Waiver
By attending this event, you consent to being filmed/videotaped and photographed during the performance of “Choreography for Audience - Take One” and you grant Sens Production the right to use, publish, and republish these medias without restrictions and without payment for Sens Production’s instructional, informational, promotional, and any other purposes. The films/video and photos will be edited and/or altered without your inspection or approval of the image versions used for publication. 

Choreography for Audience – Take One
’s instructional website is confidential.  As a Participant, I agree to take every step necessary to ensure the text, graphics and videos contained in the instructional website are not disclosed or shared with any third party who is not a participant in the performance until after the official film has been released.

Review Instructions
In order to participate in the event you must review the instructions that will be provided via email 10 days prior to the event.

No Phones/Cameras/Bags
No phones or camera will be allowed on site during the event.
All bags, phones or cameras will be checked. Please come “light weight”.

Dress Code
Come dressed in your team’s color and wear comfortable shoes.

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