Agora II


Choreography Noémie Lafrance

Created in collaboration with Aaron Hodges, Adi Kfir, Alyson Hill, Amy Kristin Jones, Angelo Rosso, Anjali Suneja, Asami Morita, Beth Kurkjian, Chloe Douglas, Chris Loar, Cynthia Berkshire, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Ellie Harrison, Eric Dahl, Erika Eichelberger, Erin Card, Florence Annequin, Grady Barker, Jacob Robinette, Jenny Seastone-Stern, Jil Guyon, Johnny DeArden, Julie Troost, Kate Tikkun, Kristen Freeland, Kristen Hatleberg, Kristen Young, Laeticia Emmanuel, Maya Simansons, Michael Isaacs, Melissa Sanfiorenzo, Mint Toro, Nana Miki, Omar Nasir, Pedro Jimenez, Phoebe Morris, Ramona Noel, Razvan Gorea, Rebecca Burton, Rebekah Mindel, Reena Shah, Renee Kurz, Sam Petersson, Sarah Wollschlager, Shirley Ephraim, Stephen Sheffer, Tamara Bechara, Uys Du Buisson, Zoe Schieber, Zoe Woodworth

Featuring the work of Malcolm and the Hoop Entourage, Celeste Hastings and the Butoh Rockettes, Non Grata, Prudenia, STREB, Young Dance Collective

Score/Sound Design Brooks Williams & Norm Scott
Costumes and Props Daniel Ruth
Rehearsal Direction Reba Mehan
Live Sound Bora Yoon
Lighting Design Thomas Dunn

Site McCarren Park Pool, Greenpoint/Williamsburg Main Arch (Lorimer St. between Driggs & Bayard Ave.)

Dates September 13 - October 1 2006, Wednesday - Saturday, 8:00 PM


> AM New York 9/06
> Artforum Diary 8/06
> Block Magazine 8/06
> Flavorpill 9/06
> Metro NY 9/06
> The New Yorker 9/06
> New York Press 7/06
> New York Press 9/06
> New York Sun 8/06
> The New York Times 9/06
> The New York Times Sunday Magazine 9/06
> The Brooklyn Rail 7/06
> Time Magazine 10/06
> Village Voice Choice 9/06


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Expressed as one large breath, AGORA II (the sequel to Agora) further explored treatments of the pool site's vast architecture by combining ideas of collectivity with layers of audience interventions, cameo appearances by guest artists and a meshed collaboration with 75 performers: dancers, actors and live musicians. All creating a grand tableau - a city slice - a social experiment - Mapping the multiple layers of urban life's most visceral narratives, together inside the pool basin.

Agora II (Part 1)
Agora II (Part 2)
Agora II (Part 3)
Agora II Film Clip
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